Our booking & cancellation policy is as follows: 

  • No refunds, credits or transfers will be given for cancellations for scheduled classes made within 5 working days of your booking. 
  • We reserve the right to cancel/postpone classes/ courses and will issue a full refund or credit note for a booking, with the exception of bookings made with gift vouchers, see below. 
  • No shows or last minute cancellations are not refunded, transferred or credited. 
  • We reserve the right to refuse bookings. 

Scheduled Classes : 

  • We do not accept bookings without payment in full. 
  • Our booking system accepts bookings via the website on a first come first served
  • When you have requested a booking it will be confirmed with an email from us. No
    further communication will be made by Farmhouse Kitchen but please do feel free
    to call us to check your booking if you need to. 
  • We like to start our classes promptly at the advertised time.

Bookings made with gift vouchers: 

  • Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the purchase date. Unless voucher is set for a specific date.
  • Classes must be booked & taken within that time. 
  • We do not extend the validity date of vouchers, so please ensure that the recipient
    is able to attend classes at Farmhouse Kitchen this time before you purchase to avoid disappointment. Absolutely no exceptions. 
  • We reserve the right to cancel/postpone classes within 48 hours of a scheduled
  • We do not issue cash refunds for gift vouchers in any circumstances. With Specials and Early-bird discount full price of the workshop is charged.
  • NB: It is the responsibility of the gift voucher holder to contact us to book their chosen class. We recommend they do this as soon as possible upon receipt of the gift voucher to avoid disappointment as we are unable to extend the life of the gift voucher to cover fully booked classes.The recipient needs to reserve their spot by e-mail to info@farmhousekitchen.co.nz

Bookings for courses : 

  • These are complete courses over a set period and the fee is for the entire course. We strongly advise you to ensure that you can make the dates & times set for your chosen course before you book your place to avoid disappointment, especially if you are gifting these courses on a voucher as the booking conditions above and below apply.
  • We do not accept bookings without payment in full. 
  • Our booking system accepts bookings via the website on a first come first served
  • When you have booked your chosen course you will be emailed a confirmation. No
    further communication will be made Farmhouse Kitchen but please do feel free to call us to check your booking if you need to.
  • We cannot refund, transfer or credit in part for these courses, so if you miss a session/s we are unable to transfer your place to another course or refund/
    credit for that session or the remaining sessions. You can, however, transfer your booking to another person in part or entirely. 
  • No refunds, credits or transfers will be given for cancellations made within 10 working days of your course.

Team building and Private Classes: 

  • We do not accept bookings without a $ 150.00 deposit. 
  • We are happy to hold a chosen date for a maximum of 2 working days, after which, if not confirmed with a deposit we will offer to other clients without notice. 
  • We do not refund the deposit for the booking if cancelled within 10 working days of your booking. 
  • A $50 administration fee for cancelled, refunded or rescheduled bookings will apply in all cases. 
  • Numbers for your class need to be confirmed 1 week before your class as no adjustments will be made to the final invoice thereafter – i.e. If you have booked & paid for 10 pax and only 8 pax attend then the balance invoiced will still be for 10 pax. 
  • Our payment terms are strictly seven days net. Please let us know at booking time if this is contrary to your accounting system so we can organise another method of payment. 
  • Upon paying a deposit to secure your booking you are agreeing to and accepting our terms of trade and the conditions that apply to all Team building and Private bookings.

Venue Hire:

Terms & conditions of purchase:

When you complete your booking through this website you will be asked to check a box that confirms you accept our terms & conditions below. You will not be able to complete your order without checking this box. We have written them again below for your information.
“I have read, understood and agreed to the terms & conditions of booking a class, course and/or buying a gift voucher. I accept that Farmhouse Kitchen and all it’s staff cannot or will not be held liable for discrepancies, mistakes, malfunctions or lost items of any kind relating to this order. I accept that all correspondence relating to this order will be sent to me by EMAIL to the address I have supplied unless otherwise specifically requested in this order by myself. Farmhouse Kitchen and all it’s staff are not responsible and cannot be held liable for my not receiving or reading such correspondence.
I also accept that Farmhouse Kitchen all it’s staff cannot and will not be held liable for human error in the processing of this order and I have no rights for recourse or “change of mind” beyond those set out in the booking policy, once this order has been confirmed and accepted by Farmhouse Kitchen”.

In short…….

When you book a class, course or buy a gift voucher you accept and agree to our terms, conditions and booking policy set out above.

You are responsible for checking & reading your emails that you will receive from us.

You are responsible for organising yourself to turn up to the class/es you have booked, on the day and at the advertised time of that class. 

You will notify us if you wish to change or cancel your booking in the time set out above . If you don’t you will not be eligible for a transfer, credit or refund whatsoever. 

We are a business and every effort will be made to ensure that you are happy, however, we won’t be able to bend these terms for explanations or excuses for not showing up to a class or cancelling your booking inside the times above. 

The same goes for the holders of gift vouchers – you’ve been fortunate enough to receive a voucher from someone who cares about you – please respect that this person has put a lot of thought into purchasing this for you, so read & adhere to the terms & conditions it comes with so you can enjoy such a wonderful gift. Remember! It has a 6 month validity date! Get organised and book your class or note the booking made on your behalf as soon as you receive it. 

If you have more questions about any of these terms & conditions please feel free to call us before you book your class. We’d rather clarify things for you in the beginning rather than explain these terms again after the fact……… 

These terms are commonly practised by businesses such as theatres, cinemas, shows and other establishments that you have to book time with. For instance, when you buy tickets to the theatre you go at the time advertised on the day. If you don’t you miss out. It’s the same with us. Another example would be if you have a gym membership that you pay monthly for, you still pay regardless of whether you attend – it’s your responsibility to go, they won’t refund you for the days you don’t go. It’s the same with us. 

Our booking policy is very strict and we do not make exceptions to it. 

Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 

Consent to receive emails and e-newsletters from Farmhouse Kitchen. 

In accordance with the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 when you check the “yes please, sign me up to the Farmhouse Kitchen mailing list” box on the check out page you are consenting to receive emails and marketing information Farmhouse Kitchen. If at any time you do not wish to receive such emails you may unsubscribe from our database electronically or contact us in person to remove your details manually. We take spam issues very seriously so please contact us immediately if you change your email address.