Sarah Jhean from Mademoiselle

Sarah Jhean – also known as Mademoiselle Patisserie is a local artisan patisserie and artisanal ice cream maker passionate about food. Mademoiselle bakes authentic and handmade patisseries in a countryside style. Crunchy tarts, moist cakes, buttery brioche and more. As a whole, a slice or in a bit. At your family table, the market or for your special occasion. She also make artisanal gelato and sorbets served in handcrafted cone that people really like.

Mademoiselle was born in Paris, France few years ago when Sarah changed her career from being a Lawyer to a Pastry Chef. To live her childhood dream, she went back to school. She has been trained as a Pastry chef and also has a baking certification and artisanal ice cream and sorbet diploma.

Rue Mademoiselle was the name of her street where her new patisserie adventure started. It was here that she baked for  friends and family and where she started giving courses, doing catering for weddings, birthdays and other events. Mademoiselle is also the nickname of the Eiffel Tower, a little glance back to her country.

The story of Mademoiselle has continued in Aotearoa in 2017 when she felt in love with the beautiful New Zealand. Totally by chance, her destiny led me to Hawke’s Bay’s Farmers market and she knew at the first sight that it was home. She quit her life in France and moved in August 2018 to start her new adventure. As a sweet tooth, she get so much pleasure to bake, mold, shape, biscuits, confectioneries and of course French specialties. Her guilty pleasure is to make artisan gelato and fresh fruit sorbet. What we are able to do with our hands is simply amazing; to transform ingredients into delicious patisserie. Baking is really about using all your senses and the secret ingredient is always the love you put into it.

From her trailer that she called the ‘Sweet Chariot’, she already operates to the Farmers market in Hastings, at the gorgeous Black Barn market, on the Beach at Te Awanga or others events, functions and venues.

Today, She is so happy to offer a slice of her culture through her baking every week at the markets. Teaching patisserie techniques for small groups, private courses or corporate events is also always a pure moment of sharing. 

‘Great things grow here’, isn’t it? By selecting local, seasonal and fresh ingredients all around Hawke’s Bay, she bake every day with integrity, from local nature to mouth with limited distance, and with all the environment respect.

She is looking forward to share her goods and techniques with you all.