– a sesame and salt condiment

When I grew up we had gomasio on the table as a condiment with most meals and dishes. We had it on buttered sandwiches, on slices of cucumber or sprinkled over rice and vegetables.
And now in my own kitchen we have reintroduced it again, and it is even delicious sprinkled over a caramel sauce, to create this salted caramel burst of flavour. But best of all sprinkle it over Kale Chips that have just come out of the oven!!

Gomasio is SO simple to make and delicious and nutritous at the same time.
It is simply toasted unhulled sesame seeds ground with sea salt in about a 12:1 ratio.

To make gomasio you need a mortar or pestle. A japanse suribachi is a ridged ceramic mortar and pestle for a traditional method. A normal mortar and pestle works too, or you can use a spice grinder and be done in seconds.

Sesame seeds contain a lot of oil, and can get rancid easily. If they are even a tiny bit rancid, don’t use them anymore.
Once made, gomasio will last a couple of weeks at room temperature.



1 tablespoon sea salt
12 tablespoons unhulled raw sesame seeds


Heat a medium-sized skillet on a medium-low flame.
Add the salt and toast for 3 minutes
The salt will turn grey, The toasting releases some of the natural Chlorine,
sometimes you can even smell it!
Remove the salt and add the sesame seeds.
Toast, turning frequently until fragrant and just a few shades darker. You will hear and see the seeds popping.
As soon as the seeds are colouring turn off the heat as there is enough heat in the pan to finish the toasting and to prevent them from burning. If you burn them, throw them out, and start over again.
Grind the salt and sesame seeds together in a suribachi( mortar and pestle)or a spice grinder. With the mortar and pestle it is going round and round until you have the consistency you are after, a very meditative and soul- nourishing activity!
Store in an airtight container at room temperature and offer as a table condiment.