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Dumpling Night Workshop


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Friday 14th October 2022

6 pm – 9pm

12 in stock


Friday night Dumpling Night!!

You will be hand shaping the dumplings, one filling, cooked two ways and a szechuan dipping sauce

Jie Pang will introduce you to the flavours of China, like red bean paste, sesame oil, Szechuan peppercorn, bamboo shoots, oyster sauce and five spice powder.

Jie Pang’s origins’ lay in the Chengdu, city in southwestern province Szechuan in China. Szechuan is also the hometown of Panda and hot pot. It is famous for its spicy food. We will manage the spicy food on the night ourselves!!

A Szechuan Stir fry Beef with seasonal vegetables and a sweet treat with red bean paste, Deep-fried sesame balls.

recipe’s and dinner included

plus some dumplings to take home!


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