Farmhouse Kitchen is also an ideal venue for GROUP AND CORPORATE FUNCTIONS. The school lends itself to team building cooking for up to 24 people.Teamcooking involves plenty of communication and the kitchen is an ideal atmosphere for participants to really get to know each other and build relationships. In a professional kitchen with a relaxed environment, students will chat together whilst cooking up a meal that they will then enjoy together.


Package 1: Lunchtime Package

2 course meal;

Demonstration of one dish on arrival and participate by making part of the meal components.

2 hour event.



Can also be run as evening package

Platter on arrival



Package 2:VIP package

Three course meal, and coffee and tea with dessert. Platter on arrival.

3 hour event, can stay to up to 4 hours



Package 3:

Mozzarella and Pizza package

Make mozzarella cheese, and make your own pizza and 2 other dishes with the mozzarella.

Mad Millie Cheese Making Kit Included

3 hour event




Please contact us: or phone 06 8772069

We are more than happy to discuss any specific requests you may have. This is your event and so we’ll do everything we can to meet your needs!